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"Penny" Photo courtesy of Jennifer ©

Wanted to update you with some pictures of Penny, she is such a beautiful girl-and soooo big, follows me everywhere all day and cries when anyone leaves the house.   We love it whenever someone sees her for the first time they always ask "Is that a cat?" and then they can't get over how big she is, and her lynx tips always get a lot of attention.Thank you
Hope you are all doing well.

~ Jennifer  (Barrie, Ontario)

"Jada"  Photo courtesy of Hope ©

I wanted to send you some new pictures of Jayda since she is over a year old now. I love my little baby honestly she is the sweetest thing. She is always by my side like a little dog, in the sink when I'm trying to do my makeup or on my books "helping" me with my homework. Though I do have to say she is quite the brat too and knows it well. She knows when she's isn't suppose to be doing something, all I have to say is "Jayda" and she gets this sad look on her face and lets out this sad little meow. She then processes with trying again until I once again say "JAYDA", this time she jumps down but not without meowing to tell me just how she feels about it all.  Anyways, I was hoping you could put one of the new photos on your site. 

~ Hope (Sudbury, Ontario)





Just wanted to send you a few pictures of little Charlie, well he's more of a Charles now, he's huge! Hope all is well at your end.

~ Kim (Toronto, Ontario)




Some photos of cutie - she's getting big for her condo.

~ Nadine (Toronto, Ontario)



"Kaos & Apollo" 

They’ve both arrived perfectly safely, and have set to work exploring every nook and cranny of our spare bedroom, where we’re keeping them over night to get used to their new environment. They are soooooo curious, and are even more gorgeous than the photos!

Thank you so much, they are everything we could have hoped for and more, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated as they grow up.

All the best!

~ Alex (Vancouver, British Columbia)


Just thought I would drop you a quick note to let you know how they boys are doing.

They are getting SO big! I can’t believe how quickly they have grown! We were at the pet store last weekend, and there were two little kitties up for adoption. They were tiny compared to our boys, and I got a big surprise when I looked and saw that they were older than ours, yet almost half the size! Kaos is going to be a long sleek cat, like his Mum. Apollo has the HUGEST paws, and I think will take after his Dad in size.

They are both fascinated with water and will often jump into the shower after us, and drink from the taps in the basin. When they first arrived, Kaos was the brave one who was always the first to explore a new place. He was also more relaxed around  people, and loved being picked up and cuddled. Apollo was more wary and cautious, and would only be stroked if HE wanted to be loved. However, over the last few weeks he has become such a lap cat, and is much more relaxed around new people. He is turning into such  a loving little boy!

I hope you enjoy the latest pic.

Keep well!


~ Janine (Vancouver, British Columbia)


"Yum Yum"


Just a little note to let you know that "Saphire" , now affectionately named "YumYum"  is settling in beautifully.  We love her!  It seems like she has always been a part of our family - our boys, Charlie and Harry, love her to bits and my husband is head over heels!!  As I write this she is draped across my lap purrrrring ever so loudly! 
I will keep you updated and as soon as I have a chance I will forward a photo!
Thanks again.
~ Tiffany (London, Ontario)


"Zoe" (left) and kitty friend

Wished I had a better picture, but this one will show that she is happy and loves to play.

Her name is now “Zoe”  and our other cat still growls at her a fair bit, I have not seen them cuddle, but they certainly do spend time playing with each other. Chasing each other back and forth and often playing with a toy together. Zoe certainly loves people and cuddles at every opportunity. She is a delight to all of us.

She has had her second shots and I will give you an update prior to Christmas when she is scheduled for neutering/spaying??? I always forget which applies to the female cat.

~ Caren (Toronto, Ontario)




Hi, I wanted to let you know Xena is home, and a very happy little kitty, she was in fine shape after her flight, she was cleaning herself in the carrier on the drive home. She was very happy getting out of her cage, and started to explore right away. Thank you again for her she is a very pleasant addition to our family.

~Wendy (St.John's, Newfoundland)


"Sinjin" (Silver Tabby/White)

I hope you are well.

Sinjin is growing very fast, we think his tail grows longer every day. His legs are so long that they don't suit his body. When Doctor Buffett examined him he said he has very strong muscles and was going 
to be a big boy. He has a very big appetite.

He loves his new home, there is so many places to play and hide in our old house. All the cats play with him. We are very touched at how close Wasabi and Sinjin are, they pal around and sleep wrapped around each other. That's Nemo sleeping in the bed with Sinjin.

Sinjin follows us all around the house and from what I've read, Maine  Coon's are not lap cats. Sinjin is the exception, he gets on our laps and stretches out on his back to have his tummy rubbed. He then falls 
asleep, but the problem is, he will sleep on us for hours, we can't get up. At night he gets under the bed sheets and falls asleep against us. He loves to curl up against our legs. Sometimes Jo-Ann moves to the spare room. God help us when he's full grown. Every morning when the bed is made, Wasabi and Sinjin dive under the blankets staging mock fights.

Sinjin has also discovered our cat tower on the deck and makes full use of it, climbing to the top and surveys his domain.

He is very sweet and much loved. We hope you enjoy his pictures. All the best, thank you.

~Jon & Jo-Ann


"Sinjin" (Silver Tabby/White) & friend

The baby now has the run of the house except at night and only when we are home.
He is so cute, we are in love with this little guy. We have a name for him, Sinjin, which is a phonetic spelling of the English?pronunciation?of Saint John. I guess he's named after me.
The previous baby of the family "Wasabi" was the most upset with Sinjin, beating up on him. We poured on the affection and as you can see they now are the best of buddies. Moggy, one of our Blue Shorthairs loves him too.
We were very touched by Nemo our other Maine Coon, he is very protective of the kitten, he sits by Sinjin when he sleeps. Nemo is the last picture.
Like all kittens he loves to play, especially with the "cat dancer" but when he's had enough he crashes on the spot.?
He eats with all of them except when he gets his extra meals.
Thank you very much for this wonderful kitten.

~Jon & Jo-Ann (Toronto, Ontario)

"Max & Jax"

"Max & Jax" 

Here’s a couple of pictures of the boys. As mentioned in the last message, they sleep quite happily in the bedroom in the basement, I think they look on it as their den or their own personal space.  They’ve now had all their shots, and are scheduled for their “alteration” in mid-January.

It’s as difficult as ever to take a decent picture, but the two attached turned out not too badly.  They seem to have two speeds, dead still or flat out.  If you see one of them slinking around, it’s usually because he’s trying to sneak up on his brother.  The only place in the house where they’re not welcome is on the dining room table.  We don’t have any problems with them mooching around at suppertime either, it likely helps that we feed them just before we eat.

They’re down to two meals a day, in the morning and in the evening.  We’re still leaving out a bowl of kibble, but they seem to be happy with their meal times.  Everything is going very well, and we’re very pleased with their company.

~ Stephen

I never thought it would be that hard to take a decent picture of the kittens.  I finally managed to come across them sleeping in the tree, so this will have to do for now.  Both of them do have green eyes, not that you would know from a flash picture. 

Jax had hurt one of his toes just a couple of days after bringing him home.  We took him to the North Bay Animal Hospital, where they X-rayed and bandaged him up.  It took him a few days to get rid of the bandage, and he’s fine now.  Max is still a bit heavier, so if you pick them up you can tell them apart quite easily, but from a distance it can be difficult. 

They stick close to the one area where we kept them for the first week, sort of a solarium built onto the back of the house.  There isn’t a door, I had put a sheet of plywood about 3 feet high across the opening, with plastic over it and above the plywood so they couldn’t jump over it.  That lasted a week to the day, since then they have had the run of the house. 

Our house doesn’t have many doors, so they can cover a lot of ground, but we do keep the bathroom and laundry room doors closed so they can’t get into cleaning supplies or other things they shouldn’t.  Most of the time when we’re home if they aren’t sleeping they’re either sneaking around in corners or attacking each other playing “Time to Die”. 

We’re feeding them the Performatrin Ultra canned food three times a day, with the Felidae dry kibble for between meals.  They don’t care much for the kibble anymore.  The only issue is they do like to get up awful early.  We’re normally up around 5:30 or 5:45 in the morning, but 4:00 like this morning is pushing it a bit.  Our bedroom is the loft of our log home, and there aren’t any doors to keep the creatures away.  I might put out a bit of canned food  the night before to tide them over until we get up at a “normal” time.

All in all, things are going very well, we couldn’t be more pleased with the kittens.  They don’t like to be apart from each other, that ‘s the only thing that seems to upset them if they are separated or lose each other in the house.  They both have a very pleasant disposition with an even temperament, even when they don’t get their way.  Of course, as you know, if they don’t get their way they just try again (and again).

We’ll keep you updated on the lads, and send a decent picture as soon as we can get a chance to take one.

Yours Truly,

~ Catherine and Stephen (North Bay, Ontario)




I wanted to send you some new pictures of Jayda since she is over a year old now. I love my little baby honestly she is the sweetest thing. She is always by my side like a little dog, in the sink when I'm trying to do my makeup or on my books "helping" me with my homework. Though I do have to say she is quite the brat too and knows it well. She knows when she's isn't suppose to be doing something, all I have to say is "Jayda" and she gets this sad look on her face and lets out this sad little meow. She then processes with trying again until I once again say "JAYDA", this time she jumps down but not without meowing to tell me just how she feels about it all.  Anyways, I was hoping you could put one of the new photos on your site. 

~ Hope (Sudbury, Ontario)



He has arrived!  Very busy checking out his new digs!!  He's so busy that he hasn't even noticed food and water yet.  He is absolutely georgous - even the guys at Air Canada cargo were making a fuss over him.  I will keep you posted on his first few days - he still has to meet the other two cats and the dog.
Here are some pictures from his first day!  He's moved right in and taken over - doesn't have a timid bone in him!  :o)  He's quite content - made friends with Molly and Tia (our dog).  Our oldest cat is still hissing at him - but he doesn't mind a bit. 
I don't think there's an inch of the house that he hasn't checked out.  Our kitchen cabinets are quite interesting to him - he climbs up using the drawer handles and then can't get back down!  After a full day of exploring yesterday, he settled down for a snuggly nap on my shoulder last night. 
~ Dianne (St.John's, Newfoundland)


Our boy has passed his first birthday and I thought that you might like to see some recent photos of him!  He's a very healthy and active 18 pounder - still extremely mischievous and always into some type of trouble!!  He's very affectionate and absolutely loves his morning cuddles.  I am amazed by his intelligence - at times, he seems almost human.  Still has his quirky behaviours - i.e. he doesn't jump off our sofa - he just pours himself onto the floor.  Apparently no one has told him that cats 'curl' up to sleep as he is a contortionist while seeping - so funny to watch.  He'll greet all strangers at the door rather than running away as our other cats do.  We are so enjoying him and will probably be in contact with you later this year to get him a baby brother!!
Take care
~ Dianne & Jim (St.John's, Newfoundland)



Attached is a pic he is so cute and adorable.  The older cat doesn't like him too much and is very vocal with him but she is more social now.  He tackles her and tries to get her to play but she just tells him off - it is quite funny really but no "true" cat fights.   The dog likes him and he loves the dog, they sleep together, play together which is very funny.  He is quite gentle and is good with the kids and I have lots in my house.  He hangs out with them in the basement when they play rock band.  He keeps me company all day when I am working.  I don't have a pen left on my desk and he thinks my computer is the best bed, I shift him often but he just flakes out on my desk.  He is very social and always is around people except at night when he attacks everyone's feet and disappears until about 6am when he requires his breakfast with his quiet meow.  He has surpassed my other cat in weight and size and his just coming into his tail.  He hasn't clawed anything and uses his scratching post or my front door mat.  I have no carpet in my house and leather furniture so the options are limited to ruin something.
~ Lynn (Burlington, Ontario)



Just thought I would let you know that "Romeo" has been fitting in nicely. My daughter has renamed him and he is now called "Alfredo".  He is healthy,happy and as you noted quite a character. He and Saxxon have slowly gotten to know each other and Saxxon seems to really like him now - he acts like a parent and tolerates the childish behavior, partakes sometimes, and gets fed up others. He is gentle with Alfredo and everyone seems quite happy. The dog is taking a little longer, Alfredo is a little intimidated by him but the dog has been excellent with him and Saxxon keeps and eye on things as well.
I'll touch base with a photo sometime in the future.
Take care,
~ Kim (Dunrobin, Ontario)




You certainly know Ms. Mayan!  I thought she'd probably need quiet time given her trip and the strangeness of being in a new environment.I opened the door to her room shortly after I wrote you last night and out she came.  She explored EVERYTHING!   She's been very busy all night!  Other than a few hisses, she & Pandora are just fine with each other.  They both slept on the bed together ..... WHEN THEY SLEPT which wasn't much.! Was a busy night for both of them.  I'm reminded of the song "Muskrat Love" if you remember that one.  They played and tumbled and terrorized most of the night. Right now, they're chasing each other around.

I think Mayan will be the boss.  Pandora is not timid, but is much less impetuous.

I'm exhausted.  ... Exhausted, but I loved it!  Myan wrapped herself around my head at 2 am and treated me to her sharp little claws kneading my legs! 
She hasn't eaten much yet, other than treats, but I'm not too worried. 
I think after today, she'll likely settle a bit.  Maybe! She's busy!! I'll keep you updated!
Mayan's just fine.  Love her tail.   She reminds me of a little fox!  Vixen?
We're having fun.
~ Ric (Thunder Bay, Ontario)





Here are some pictures as requested!  Hope all is well - we are really enjoying Nickel - he is very animated!  We have taught him to sit even!!!!

~ Sherry (St.George, Ontario)





I really appreciate the information you have sent me. She is so awesome, very cuddly especially when sleepy and really rambunctious and outgoing the rest of the time!  She loves our Himalayan and wants so badly to get close to her, and Korie is slowly letting the kitten get a little bit closer day by day, before she hisses at her.  I have heard this is normal and I am hoping they will become friends soon.

Thanks again.

~  Jenn (Barrie, Ontario)






Just wanted to drop you a note about how Charlie is doing.. He's great! playing hard and being a kitten. Thanks for him ... he's a real sweetheart. He loves to give kisses.. even if I don't want them at 4 in the morning. I've attached a few pictures.

~ Kim (Toronto, Ontario)




Mittens - I'm calling her Mika - it's easier for me to pronounce - anyways - she has GROWN nicely. Cali is playing with her - they run around, jump around, etc. so that is going well. She's very very clean.....darling personality - When I get pictures developed - I'll send you some - I have old camera and have to get disk made when film is developed ...Glad to see that all your kittens found homes.

~ Nadine (Toronto, Ontario)






Let me thank you for Bella, previously known as Tabitha, the best birthday gift we ever gave my wife and a gift that renews itself every day. Here are some pictures to show you why we are so delighted with her.

~ Régent (Beaconsfield, Québec)


 CLICK HERE TO SEE A SHORT VIDEO OF "MAX & JAX" courtesy of Catherine & Stephen




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