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Black/Brown Classic Tabby & White (not available, for reference only) Scroll down for current availability ...



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Interest In Adopting A Kitten/Cat?  

** Please Note: Kitten/cat availability will  be posted on this page above. If you are interested in adopting an "available"  kitten/cat posted above, please complete and submit our "Adoption Questionnaire" which can be found by scrolling down and clicking on the "Stork Image" below. Normally you will receive a reply within 24 - 48 hours.  In case you  do not receive a reply within that time period please contact us again to confirm that we have received your form. Thank you.
Discount applies when adopting a second or third kitten from us.
** Reservations: Kittens are reserved on a First Come First Serhttp://www.mariama.canly when we have kittens available. Sorry we do not accept tentative reservations,  therefore,  whoever sends the deposit ($250) first, gets the kitten **
once your deposit is requested and approved. ** We reserve the right to keep back a kitten for ourselves. We reserve the right to refuse a sale. Thank you.

Greater Sudbury is a beautiful scenic drive, approximately 4 hours north of Toronto, 5 hours west  of Ottawa and 3 hours east of Sault Ste. Marie, ON.   Door to Door Delivery  and/or Air Shipping available at our discretion (averages $250 - $350, distant places will be more).

We have placed kittens in homes in Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island.

Please see our extensive "FAQ" page and "The Maine Coon" (history, appearance, temperament, size etc) page as most of your questions will be answered there. For color reference please refer to the many photos posted throughout the website.








Happy, Healthy, Home-Raised Purebred Registered and Certified Maine Coon Kittens Exclusively Since 2006. Our Kittens are sweet natured, affectionate, intelligent and will fit in well with any Family.  We have kittens ... see our adorable kittens above!

100 %  European Imported Top Winning & Producing (Multiple Best In Show, International Grand Champion, World Champion), Genetically Tested Bloodlines  Exclusively. Written Health Warranty. Lovingly Home Raised and Well Socialized.   




Over our many years in this wonderful breed, we have placed our kittens with a variety of families - young families with children and other pets; in homes with family members with disabilities   (and in palliative care); PTSD sufferers; first-time cat owners; young adults living on their own; those that cannot care for a dog, retired folk, etc.  Our main goal and greatest reward is bringing joy, comfort, security, companionship, unconditional love and improved quality of life to others through this very special, therapeutic breed of cat. Therefore we can truly say that, once you are loved by a Maine Coon Cat you will never be alone! A heartfelt thank you goes to all those that have supported us and welcomed our babies and retirees into their homes and their hearts. We look forward to providing you with your newest family member!




Kittens in Photos/Videos Below Not Available For Reference Only © Mariama


Smart Kittens ... Sit, Lie Down, Roll Over and more!

Lexi & Hudson & Loki  training, videos below, courtesy of Rhia, Vancouver, BC. Thank you.


Smart Kittens ... Fetch!

Max & Jax playing fetch, video below, courtesy of Catherine & Stephen, North Bay, ON. Thank you.




What Makes A Purebred Registered Maine Coon Cat Special?

A healthy beautiful purebred animal that is well raised involves dedication, a lot of work and huge expense of many people, who value a particular breed for its unique and predictable characteristics and temperament.  Therefore, like anything else, you get what you pay for. If you do not desire to own a massive cat, with exquisite lynx tips, silky medium-long all weather silky coat, strong full square muzzle, long bushy tail and a gentle, dog-like personality, health warranty of a well bred and well raised Maine coon, then there is really no point in adopting a Maine Coon, as any kitten can bring you joy of owning a cat. However if you enjoy a giant sized cat with wild looks and yet the most intelligent, gentle and sweet personality, then you have come to the same conclusion we have in that the Maine Coon is the only cat that will do and you are simply hooked!

The Maine Coon's gentle, kind  loving nature make them a wonderful breed for first time cat owners, families with children, the elderly, the homebound, people with disabilities, those suffering from PTSD, loneliness and for those that have had bad experiences with cats which has made them afraid of cats in general. The Maine Coon is a Homozygous breed of cat, meaning that it produces consistently with regards to structure, type and temperament (gentleness, high intelligence). This genetic predictability makes the Maine Coon an excellent choice for various types of families and makes them very amenable to training (tricks, walking on a leash,  responding to commands).

The Maine Coon Cat makes a wonderful Emotional Support Animal (ESA).

Once you are loved by a Maine Coon Cat you will never be alone!



"Gus has become our son's best friend. He follows him constantly, sleeps with him and will just sit and watch him play.  He has been a great addition to our family!" Photo (cream tabby and white kitten) courtesy of Lorie & family, Barrie, Ontario . Thank you. (We can remember when this adorable little boy came with his family to pick up his kitten. Having never experienced cats, he was fearful and apprehensive ... now look at him ... a true testimony to this very special breed!

“It's love that makes the world go round.” ~ W. S. Gilbert



* Red /Orange (Cream) Cats Study: In a University of California Study, Berkeley, researcher surveyed 189 people with experience of cats as pets and found that they were more likely to assign positive personality traits to red/orange cats. Red/Orange cats were most often characterized as friendly.  Red/Orange cats are usually male, with females existing at a ratio of 1 out of every 5 red/orange cats and are therefore considered rare.

* Our Red Tabbies are well known for their vibrant and intense red body coloring and lighter contrasting paws (and bright white contrasting paws in the bi-colored variety).





KITTEN PHOTO GALLERY # 4 ... Torties, Torbies, Calicos

Please Note: The kittens in these photo galleries are some of  the past kittens we have bred and are no longer available.


What Colors Do You Find On Cats?

black and red. These are called “dominant” colors. The color of all cats relates to these two colors in some way, by changing the color or covering it up.

There is also a “dilute” of each color. The dilute of black is blue. The dilute of red is cream. These are called “recessive” colors.

Sometimes, the dominant colors of black and red are combined on one kitten, and that is called tortoiseshell (black-red). When the recessive dilute colors of blue and cream are combined, it is called blue-cream. Females only come in these colors. Please refer to our FAQ page for further information on this.

The following are color equivalents. For example a "brown tabby" is a black tabby;  a "silver tabby" is a blue tabby; an orange tabby is a red tabby genetically speaking, however, brown , silver, blue-silver, and orange are used to describe variation in color intensity.

black = brown                     blue = silver = blue-silver = grey                     red = orange

black tortoiseshell/tortie (torbie)= brown tortoiseshell/tortie (torbie)

blue cream tortoiseshell/tortie (torbie) = blue tortoiseshell/tortie (torbie) =silver tortoiseshell/tortie (torbie) = blue-silver tortoiseshell/tortie (torbie)

** torbie: indicates an underlying tabby pattern

The majority of  Red Cats are more likely to be a male, therefore Red Females are a minority. This  makes them special! :-) ... see FAQ  page to find out why?



Kitten Supply Check List ... Things to buy before bringing your new kitten home.

Food bowl, preferably stainless steel, ceramic, or melamine
Water bowl, preferably stainless steel, ceramic, or melamine
Pin Brush (with long pins)
Slicker Brush
Tooth Brush & Tooth Paste
Moist Baby/Pet Wipes for quick cleanups
Scratching post, scratching pad, cat furniture (cat trees less than 3 ft high for kittens under 6 months)
Jumbo Sized Open Litter box (closed style is not recommended, nor healthy)
Litter scoop and holder
Litter (nonclumping, all natural brand recommended)
Catnip for Kittens over 4 months (catnip spray is easier to use on scratching posts.)
Cat carrier (with extra door on top recommended)
Cat bed with pad, blanket or towel
Catnip-Free Toys for kittens under 4 months of age, Interactive toys
Air tight container for food storage
Air tight container for treat storage
Tightly sealed refuse bin for litter box waste
Spray disinfectant and paper towels for cleaning

The Developmental Stages of a Kitten:

Birth to Two Weeks

The kitten's main activities are eating and sleeping. He is deaf and blind but can crawl a little.
The remnants of the umbilical cord will fall off at round 3 days of life. Between the 5th and 10th day, his eyes will open and he will begin to see his new world. At this stage his eyes are a deep blue colour. He will begin to crawl around a little more. He may try to walk but will be wobbly. By the end of the first week, his shiver reflex has developed, allowing him to better regulate his body temperature.

Two to Three Weeks

The ear canals should have completely opened by now and he will be able to hear all the household sounds. The kitten is more aware of his surroundings and will start to explore his environment. He is able to purr and can stand up and walk a short distance. Baby teeth will start to appear. At the end of the third week, the kitten's eyes will begin to change to their permanent colour. Also, he will begin to eliminate on his own, without having to be stimulated.

Four to Five Weeks

The kitten is ready to start learning to use the litter box. Kittens at this age can climb, walk and run in short bursts. They will really enjoy playtime with their littermates and will begin to play with toys. This is usually a good age to start weaning kittens. Weaning can be a difficult time for a kitten. The process of weaning is a gradual one. During the weaning process, he may dip his paws or walk in his food. Although messy, this is a natural part of weaning and his way of exploring his new food.

Six to Seven Weeks and Onwards

By the seventh week, kittens should be completely weaned. This is a very active and playful stage and important for proper socialization. The more he plays and explores the more he will grow, mentally and physically. Cats are social animals and the more people interact with them the more socially developed they will become.

Continued socialization during the first year of life is of utmost importance.  In addition to play and handling, firm discipline must be established. In order for discipline to be effective, clear rules must be set from the beginning and they must remain consistent. Positive reinforcement works better than negative. Respect for the kitten's nature, unique personality  and unconditional love are essential elements to keep in mind. This helps to establish mutual respect and trust. Strong bonding and lifelong loving relationships are the ultimate goals you should be trying to achieve.

Raising a kitten properly requires plenty of time and devotion. Kittens are living creatures and as such should never be treated like inanimate objects or trinkets whose main purpose is to beautify your home or give you prestige. They should be considered a Life-Long Commitment - if you are not fully prepared for it a "Gund" would make a better choice.

A Cat's Age Compared to A Human's Age:

Cat's Age ... Human's Age

1 month ... 6 months
2 months ... 2 years
3 months ... 4 years
4 months ... 6 years
5 months ... 8 years
6 months ... 10 years
8 months ... 15 years
1    year ... 18 years
2    years ... 24 years
3    years ... 30 years
4    years ...  35 years
5    years ... 38 years
6    years ... 42 years
7    years ... 46 years

8    years ... 50 years
9    years ... 55 years
10  years ... 60 years
11  years ... 65 years
12  years ... 70 years
13 years ... 75 years
14 years ... 80 years
15 years ... 82 years
16 years ... 84 years
17 years ... 86 years
18 years ... 88 years
19 years ... 92 years
20 years ... 96 years
21 years ... 100 years

"If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men."   ~ Francis of Assisi



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